Who needs Leisure?

Antique Sar Pallu Phulkari Bagh Textile from India

Ask all the villagers lining the Goa highways -trying to sell their home-grown vegetables “wouldn’t you rather just go home and sleep or watch TV  o read a book instead of selling vegetables that would fetch you less than Rs. 300 (US$5) over 4-8 hours of selling.

The answer is an unequivocal NO.

Not everyone values leisure.

I don’t.

Nor do the people whose main asset is “Time”.

I (and perhaps all…

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Textiles in Ancient Jain Kalpasutras

Ancient Jain Manuscript - Kalpasutra

The wide variety of textiles depicted in a single Kalpasutra set – religious Jain manuscripts – awes me.

The subject of the paintings are the royalty and therefore it is expected that they would be surrounded by royal textiles – costumes, cushions, ceiling fans etc.

A small showcase of the beauty of textiles in a Jain Kalpasutra.


Ancient Jain Manuscript - Kalpasutra

Ancient Jain Manuscript - Kalpasutra

The dots appear to depict the fine mulmul bodycloth worn by monks.

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Traditional Rajasthan Home - Patwaon ki Haveli - Jaisalmer

Traditional Homes - Patwaon ki Haveli - Jaisalmer Interiors


A place where the walls do not need art. Because the walls ARE art. The ceilings ARE art.

Was it such a bad thing that women did not step out of their homes? Such a home? I would voluntarily never step out! For I am sure that every day as my eyes opened surrounded by such beauty I would sigh and go back into a stupor, struck by the beauty, sighing and unable to think as the visuals flood my…

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