Traditional Rajasthan Home - Patwaon ki Haveli - Jaisalmer

Traditional Homes - Patwaon ki Haveli - Jaisalmer Interiors


A place where the walls do not need art. Because the walls ARE art. The ceilings ARE art.

Was it such a bad thing that women did not step out of their homes? Such a home? I would voluntarily never step out! For I am sure that every day as my eyes opened surrounded by such beauty I would sigh and go back into a stupor, struck by the beauty, sighing and unable to think as the visuals flood my…

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Motif & Meaning |The Case of the Double-Headed Peacock

ANtique Persian Afshar bird rug

Preceded by the notes Motif & Meaning – Preface  & Motif & Meaning – 2 

Art is inspired by life and tribal life lived close to the earth, nature  is often the most prominent inspiration. Depictions of the flora and fauna of the region are common in tribal art.

So in all the regions that are inhabited by peacocks, we can expect to see peacocks in the art of the people living there. So an element…

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Motif & Meaning - 2


Through observation, questions arise.

In the case of textiles of vanishing cultures, the answers most often lie buried in the past completely covered by the sands of time.

For it appears that too many of the tribes, nomads, gypsies and ethnic minorities – the creators of these wonderful arts – all seem to have focused on their ‘present’ and simultaneously have neglected the people in their future…

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