When there is Respect - Bastar, India

When there is Respect – Bastar, India


In a land as diverse as India, even the smallest administrative segment – the Taluka or District – will be home to a few dozen communities. Therefore, no matter who is in power, there will always be groups that are not represented directly.
This fact alone, although it has the potential to become a problem, is not really a problem if the basis of all dealings is respect. Respect that is felt and…

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In Search of Heaven

Old Church, Goa

In every village, in every town in Goa I drive through there’s either a temple or a church/chapel just around the corner. Goa probably has the highest per-capita or per-acre religious spaces in the country / world! Always makes me wonder why! Have the people living here been searching for it inspite of living in it? Or maybe these monuments are just declaring the presence of heaven to those who…

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The Lambani Project

Lambani people

The Banjaras  & the Lambanis lived in the forested areas, mainly in South India.They have now been settled in villages through government schemes and no longer follow the nomadic / gypsy lifestyle of their ancestors. An article somewhere stated that these people are descendants of the people of Mohenjo Daro …. an intriguing thought!

Lambani people

Their distinctive dressing is similar to the tribes of Kutch…

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Mystical Banjara Textiles


What does one get when the women of a social group have a strong intellect, happiness in their hearts and time on their hands? Art.

Art that is used to decorate their lives. Art that is infused into the objects of daily use.

A poignant example is the textile art of the Banjara group in India. The pieces shown below are all made for self-consumption.

Some examples:

1. Satchels

0 156 banjara satchel

antique banjara pouch2

0 159 banjara satchel2 - this tribe used to be very rich before the railways came, on account of the trade they facilitated

2. Spice Pouch0 162 banjara hanging spicepouch


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Magnificent Mummies - 1

Magnificent Mummies – 1


“There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done” (The Lion King)

A visit to the museum opens up a whole new area that needs to be explored, that must be understood more …..

A few glimpses of the numerous mummies that may be seen all in a single day trip!



  Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum  



Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum Mummy-Egypt-British-Museum

Also see:

Hair Styles of Ancient Egypt

Art Motifs from Ancient Egypt



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Hairstyles of a Mummy - A visit to Ancient Egypt via The Birtish Museum


A captivating visit to ancient Egypt …. viewing over a dozen mummies and ancient Egyptian art all in a single hall of the British Museum, London. If there is only ONE thing one has time for on a visit to London, then it has got to be the Egyptian hall!

Everything about their art is enthralling … including their hair art!


The checkerboard braid is the most intriguing of all – how did they do it?


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At the homes of Rabaris

At the homes of Rabaris

'Bhaley Padharo" or  "Welcome'. Swagat of the Groom's Mama bringing the Vari or reverse-Dowry for the bride at a wedding ceremony.

A few pictures taken with majestic Rabari women & men in their own homes, over the years.



Attending a Welcome or Swagat at a wedding in the homes of welcoming strangers that I had not met before that day.



Home in  tent – A Nomadic Rabari family

And finally with a handsome senior citizen from Kutch village.


Some photos are form earlier articles

A cup of tea with Nomads and Gypsies…

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The New Renaissance


The European Renaissance of the 14th – 17th centuries was a rebirth and cultural movement fueled by the invention of print, that profoundly affected intellectual life.

The Renaissance of the 12th century was a period of the many changes including social, political and economic transformations, and an intellectual revitalization of Western Europe with strong philosophical and scientific roots. […

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